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The Scrub

The reason your here is that you already know that quality coffee scrubs are great for you skin.But why Inka Coffee for you skin? Our philosophy for the scrub is the same as it is for our great drinking coffee that is take the very best ingredients and process them perfectly to suit the desired end result.Coffee Scrubs are no different best ingredients prepared well equals the best outcome. First we take a high quality high altitude Arabica (yes arabica) green bean grown in pristine volcanic soils which we specially roast (not buy roasted) to maintain a high caffeine content along a high degree of antioxidants ( good for skin) with less sugar (not so good for skin).The roasted bean is then ground to a specific grind to help exfoliation but also allow the caffeine to combine with the other ingredients.

Like the high quality gluten free organic coconut oil which binds the ingredients allowing them to be easily massaged into and spread on the skin while helping to rejuvenate hydrate and repair the skin with its proteins and vitamin E. Two more agents are added organic pink Himalayan rock salt rich in magnesium a power house of antioxidants for skin repair and helping to combat skin allergies like eczema and helping to overcome acne. And the final agent in this natural chemical free coffee scrub organic cinnamon which is the perfect addition to further add to the benefits of all the agents while helping to plump the skin and improving the complexion of you skin. Look good feel good !

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